Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Nicole!!!!

This is actually Amy because mom is having some kind of a problem logging in on her computer. But she wanted me to wish Nicole a happy birthday and share her memory of David walking her up and down the street as a baby and showing her off. I then told her this experience and she told me to blog it also.
When I was serving in Guam the Young Women leader was giving a message on marriage and chastity. She was trying to help the young women avoid the teenage pregnancy problem that they have. She wasn't really satisfied with how the lesson went but we ended and had the closing prayer and then I somehow mentioned that right before I left on my mission my brother David and his wife had just had their first child. I would laugh to see my big macho brother come running home from work, throw off his muddy landscaping clothes, wash his arms up to his elbows and then hold and cuddle his little girl. He was so proud of her and Erin his wife would just beam. And then we discussed how much happier and easier parenthood was when we waited until the right time and were married and were hoping for children instead of it being an accident, not knowing if the dad would be around to help, not being able to finish school, etc. The girls stayed an extra 10-15 minutes just asking questions about David and Erin. You could tell that they desired the love that David and Erin had by having you Nicole. We love you!!


Techno Grandma said...

I Think my inability to log in was just to have you write the blog.
My mistake was (blush, blush) I forgot the

Oh, I am so embarrassed.

(Not so) Techno Grandma

Cowboy mom said...

I wish every girl could understand the beauty of motherhood in it's purity. And search for a David of their own. Happy Birthday Nicole!

Daniel said...

That was a wonderful thought. At the right time, children can bring so much joy to a family. We love seeing your kids and can't wait to show off our new babe!