Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Amber

Happy Birthday, Amber from Loa. We've been visiting all your favorite haunts--the bakery at Royals and did you work at Maria's or was that just Courtney? Anyway--wish you were here. Have a Happy Birthday. Love ya'!!! Grandma

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Eileen said...

Grandma: This is Eileen, trying to find you. I have been calling and calling, hoping you were up for an Iceberg milkshake this afternoon at 4, but NOOOOOOOOOO, you're not home in Orem, you're at home in Loa!!

Just wanted to let you know that Sam and I love you, admire you, and appreciate the privilege we have to visit teach you! Thanks for all our long talks and joking and fun.

We need to finish our hallway conversation, or start it up again. I heard that you'll return for a baptism on Saturday next, so I know I'll see you soon.

Love ya and hope you're having a grand time in Loa, spoiling kids and grandkids!

Love, Eileen & Samila