Thursday, February 17, 2011

He's here!

James (long, un-pronounceable, Hawaiian name) Chung-hoon was born February 14th. He weighed 9 lbs 5 oz and was 20 inches long.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today has been an interesting day!!! I guess it began last night. I've turned Jenny's room into a quilt tying room and we've been tying quilts for a "big boy" bed for William and a matching quilt for the crib for the new baby which is also a boy. The twin size quilt is done and I was trying to finish up tying the baby quilt and I needed to go to the bathroom. I had 3 more stitches left when I reached too far and knocked the quilt off one stand. In trying to put it back on I tipped over another stand and in trying to fix that I tipped over the other two stands. I managed to get to the bathroom without making too many more problems, then had to return to the quilt and do the last three stitches. I did get it finished.

Then today, I got back from my second trip to the MTC and Mary Ann came rushing in to get a Lube Doc coupon for Jenny who was getting her car inspected for re-licensing and wanted the discount. For some reason my printer wouldn't print it off so I went into the kitchen to see if there was one on the calendar on the fridge. While I was looking I heard something go pop in the wall and could hear water running. I went downstairs and sure enough, water was running down the door in the quilt room. I threw all the extra towels on the floor making a channel to the drain and removed the old socks that block it, then went and called Johnny who happened to be at home and he hurried over and turned off the water at the street. We first blamed Daddy's repair job from broken pipes back when we went to Alaska but after cutting a hole in the ceiling, that repair was still working beautifully. We cut a hole in the wall by the kitchen stove and the cap off that pipe area that we put on when we redid the kitchen had broken in half. Johnny put a temporary cap on it and will get one tomorrow that won't break but I now have two holes that need repair in the basement and kitchen. Can you believe how much worse it could have been if I hadn't been right there?

Oh, then the coupon for Lube Doc printed right off. Well that's life.