Monday, January 30, 2012

School Daze

Today I was helping out in the Kindergarten. I was working with a little boy on rhyming. He was matching pictures and doing quite well once he figured out that it is the ending sounds that are alike to make a word rhyme. When he made two pictures rhyme I would make a little poem with the two words.

He ate his bread
In his bed.

Then I said "What do you think will happen if he does that?"

"Him'll get him's bed All Messy," he said.

Ahh, kids. They are so much fun.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Loa goings on.

This is kind of a take off on Jenny's Sunday Salon.

We got a skiff of snow yesterday with lots of wind. It's a little cooler but not bad.

I've read The Witch of Blackbird Pond again and am reading The Walking Drum by Louis L'amour. Not a western but it's pretty good. Lots of 10 to 12 hundreds history so I'm learning something. And I read A Picture For Harold's Room with Chancee. He read 12 pages all by himself.

I put together a kitty puzzle, did some crossword puzzles, helped Mike cut some more wood for my stove. (That's my exercise)

Debbie and I helped Miriam, Silas and Emma make presents for Jasper's birthday. A pillow case ;), piggy bank, and bean bag toss game. Thomas will make the cake and dinner.

I'm fixing dinner for the gang today. Ham and ugh rotten potatoes.

Tomorrow at 8:o5 I begin my new job as a paraprofessional working with struggling readers at the Elementary school. Should be fun.

So now you know what's happening here.

Oh, and I made a quilt.