Sunday, April 26, 2009


Because I'm up late working at the temple on Saturday nights and we have early schedule at church--9:00am--on Sunday morning and I teach a primary class, Sundays and Church have become what sometimes seems a burden. But today a couple things happened that put everything back in perspective and make Sunday mornings rewarding at any rate.

I was at church in a rainstorm, after having to bang on my battery cables to get my car started, several minutes early (all right eight) and as I walked in the prelude music was playing. I noticed that Brother Browning was playing the prelude. The regular organist wasn't there but although he plays somewhat, he's the choir director, I would not have expected that he would be the substitute for Sacrament meeting. About a couple minutes before 9 Sister Browning hurries up to the stand and they quietly trade places--she at the organ and he with their family of small children. She's good and often substitutes on the organ. I couldn't help thinking what a great husband to quietly take over for his wife on an early busy morning and just fill in. It made my day.

Then our primary lesson was on the Word of Wisdom and of course included the story of Daniel and his friends refusing the kings food that would make them sick and insisting on vegetables, fruits, grains and pure water. The Old Testament video tells the story well and even puts it into historical setting very well. Even though these boys were living the teachings of God, their homes were also destroyed and they were taken away from their parents and families to become slaves in a Godless kingdom. But they stayed true to the teachings of their parents and families and even though it was hard, they were rewarded with the blessings of the Lord. Now for the best--Our primary class loved the video and about half just wanted to go on watching it rather than cut out good things to eat to paste on their Word of Wisdom papers. Imagine--6 year olds wanting to hear Bible stories rather than do their usual all time favorite projects. There is hope for this world if we will just listen to the children and teach them truths.

So I think I'll keep on with Sundays when we have families helping each other in hard times and children still wanting truth. (But I may have to get Johnny to clean up my battery cables.)

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Boy Mom said...

The Brownings keep me going to church too :)