Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is "Little One" the other pictures didn't turn out. Check back later for more pictures

Well, I'm back from Loa again. This time I took care of Dogie lambs for Cathy while they were out of town overnight. She has 4 of them--I named them, Blackie, Fuzzy face, Little one and Dirty one. Blackie kept butting the bottle out of my hand and the other lambs mouths. Little one and Dirty one would eat about half their portion so quickly that they began to sneeze and took an hour or so before they could finish. It was fun watching their little personalities. Then I spent time helping Mike with his little dogies. When I talked to him this morning he said J was throwing rocks at a wasps nest and thankfully missed, but one rock came back down and hit S on the head and Mike had to apply first aid to the resulting wounds. Much like the Dogie Lambs. Funny how we all have to learn by what we experience. And funny how we sometimes get hurt by participating in someone else's experiences. Ahh Life!