Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Trevor

Your birthday commemorates one of the most interesting births of all of our grandchildren. You weren't due for another couple of weeks, and your mom had a bad case of the flu--throw up and diarrhea--so your Dad thought they'd probably not be going anywhere and loaned your car to someone whose car wasn't working for an overnight trip. But your Mom went into labor from the flu and they had to borrow one of our volkswagen beetles to take her to the hospital. But you were born into the world and were fine.
Perhaps your birth was a preview of your life--You are probably capable of coming into hard times and able to not only make it fine yourself but help others through the bad times. I've enjoyed watching you grow up and helping others. You're just a good kid and I love you. (Are you saying, "Oh, aargh.)? Have a happy birthday!!!
Love, Grandma

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