Monday, June 13, 2011

sprinkler fun

Cathy and her family planted potatoes and zuchini and stuff here at my garden area today so when I got home from Mikes, they were moving a sprinkler line to water it all. I went outside a minute ago and saw that the end sprinkler by the grass was clogged. I tried sticking something in it to unclog it but it didn't work.

I saw Braden and Caib coming back from chores somewhere on the 4 wheeler so I waved and motioned for them to come on over. They did--Caib was driving so Braden jumped off and was trying to cut a piece of wire off the fence to clean the head when Caib remembered that there was one on the back of the 4 wheeler.
He grabbed it and unclogged the head while Braden was still cutting a piece of wire off the fence. When Braden turned around Caib had the sprinkler working and was sitting waiting on the 4 wheeler. Braden ran back over to the 4 wheeler laughing sheepishly.

By the time he got on, the sprinkler came around and gave them both a surprise soaking.

Then they really laughed. Ahh, Farm life.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

dyslexia with a sense of humor

Mike came in , sat down and started making return calls on his cell phone. Thomas said, "Daddy there's a warning label on your shoes. What is dangerous about your shoes?"

Mike found the yellow triangle and couldn't see any warning. "Maybe it's just part of the logo", he guessed. So we started guessing what they might be warning him about, you know--put your shoes on your feet--don't wear your shoes to bed, etc.

Then Thomas said, "No, Daddy. It's a warning to the fish--Look out you might get caught."

Thomas can definitely see both sides of an issue.

Mike gave Thomas a high five.