Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thomas just went home from his tutoring session. I've been going over his math papers and English papers with him to make sure he understands how to do everything. (Then if we have time we make cookies or something.)

He is really feeling good about things now. I said, "So, if you don't know what the teacher wants you to do, What do you do?" He says, "Take it home to Grandma! And if she doesn't know how she'll call Aunt Amy." He already knows you are a Math whiz, Amy.

He really has just come alive! Rides his bike over, 4 x's a recipe, and takes some home to the family. He is also getting 100 %s on spelling tests and math assignments.
Emma lost her teddy bear blankie--horrors! We have no idea where it went. So today she was over here and I have some teddy bear flannel so I whipped her up a "new teddy cush." She loves it--kept saying "thank you" the whole time I was making it. Then she said "It has a moose on it too." Well I said "Where?" cause I sure didn't see any. She pointed to the rocking horses and said "Moose."-- I said "My rocking moose up north?" "Yup", she says.

Then I said, "Do you like your new blanket? Aren't Grandma's silly? We don't go to the store and buy things--we make them!" "It's awesome!" she said, "My Daddy will like it."

So now she has a new blanket to go with her new house, her new bed (They got new bunkbeds for Emma and Silas), and her new Debbie. Her new security blanket is now associated with her new life.

I got pictures on my cell phone, but, siigh.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I believe we are making progress! Each kid has his own bike and can ride without training wheels except Emma whose bike is a glorified tricycle. She rides it well, though and all the others have scraped knees and band aids to prove their progress. They can be trusted to ride around the block and weather permitting to ride to school--2and 1/2 blocks. Wish I had pictures--sigh.

And Thomas has a 100% in spelling and a couple 97% in math assignments and is doing his reading Log on Goose bumps books.

Miriam is doing very well with piano lessons and Silas has the Alphabet and the sounds they make pretty well with few mistakes and can sound out Bob Book words a little now. He can count to 100 if he has the numbers to look at and is quite proud of himself. He still has reversals in penmanship, but Hey, He couldn't even write his name 6 weeks ago.

And this morning Cathy said they were all singing the songs in Primary and acting like normal kids. Hmmm. I wonder what that means exactly.

It's all kind of exciting really.