Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Isaac

Happy birthday, Isaac. Yesterday I took Isaac's card to him but we couldn't find him. I left the card with instructions for him to come over and get his hug when they found him. He was downstairs and didn't hear the call. So a few minutes later he came over and we had a nice hug just as I was about to write his blog. So that's why I am writing his blog now. Isaac is reading chapter books now. Hurray!!!! He has excellent auditory memory and is working on his visual memory.
This is the big number eight birthday for Isaac.
Happy Birthday, Isaac Love ya', Grandma
P. S. I also got a piece of his yummy lemon birthday cake!!!

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Adams Family said...

May isn't even half over and you are on the 7th birthday. If you keep this up through your great grand kids you could be blogging nonstop.