Saturday, June 6, 2009

Loa Trip Summary

I got back from Loa last night. Had a fun trip. We got Cathy's and Vicky's gardens planted. Hope they grow--we used up a bunch of old seeds. While Caib and I were feeding baby lambs, Braden's pup, Angie, stole Chance's hat off his head and ran off with it. Chancie just stood there crying and Caib had to retrieve the hat. And Silas, while playing with an angleworm, managed to break it in two and ask his mother if she could scotch tape it back together. My visiting teachers creatively contacted me through my blog. It was an interesting trip. Oakley is walking everywhere. I about wore myself out walking back and forth on that huge lawn pushing the weed and feed applicator. Baby sat for Mike and Vicky while they went to the temple. She's closer to getting her cards done than I am. She showed me how to use the new family history programs that we don't have up here. Anyway, I'm back. Maybe I'll get some serious blogging done now.


Adams Family said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I briefly thought about coming down for a bit to set up that computer but decided not to risk having a child down there.

Cowboy mom said...

We sure loved having Grandma down for a couple of weeks. One night when she was here my family was outside doing yard work until after dark. Grandma was over at her place. Caib really wanted to play night tag. Well, I kept trying to persuade everyone that we were to tired and that Jan wasn't down here to play with us. she usually is. That didn't even cause any hesitation on Chancees part. He pipes up with "I know, let's go get grandma to play with us." It ended up that Grandma was asleep and we had a rousing game of duck for cars.