Monday, June 29, 2009

Fixing stuff

Yesterday, the pilot light went out on our hot water heater. Jenny's shower was a bit cold there toward the end and I just didn't get one (wasn't feeling too well anyway) so I didn't go to stake conference. We got it to light once but it went out again when it had warmed one heater full. Then it wouldn't light at all. I turned the gas off to it and went to bed. Jenny worked last night so I tried lighting it again this morning so there might be hot water because she likes to take a shower before she goes to sleep.

I tried a couple times with no luck and she came home while I was trying. So we both went to work on it. She got the vacuum out so we could clean up dust in and around it. We turned the gas off and couldn't smell any (Yeah I have a cold so can't smell anything) Then we got an emery board and kind of filed the parts inside. There we were on our knees with our heads looking into the hole by the floor and our behinds sticking up in the air, trying to get the thing to work. We filed off a bunch of stuff that looked like ash and then vacuumed it all really good again. When we tried to light it again we had a good healthy pilot light on and it stayed on!!
Ahh, Jenny and I have fun fixing things. (I know, I know, we possibly could have blown ourselves to kingdom come but at this point in our lives we would just consider it an adventure and you other kids wouldn't have had to worry about all the junk around here.) Meantime we have it fixed. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Steph said...

I am glad you guys are so handy! i hope you feel better Grandma!

Adams Family said...

That's funny. I love the feeling of fixing something and having it work.