Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mike

Happy Birthday, Mike! You have always loved camping and outdoor activities. Maybe that's because when you were born we all went camping right away so that I could get a break from all the summer activities that were just starting. The hospital was extremely busy on the maternity floor that day so they put you in a box because they were out of plastic baskets. We got to take the box home so we had a bed for you when we went camping. You weighed 11 lbs 6 oz. when you were born and nursed well so we had no problems with going out. Believe it or not it really was peaceful at Blue Lake.
The road wasn't really open because there were still some snow drifts across it in places but Daddy just put the truck in four wheel drive and went on in. We camped for about a week and then decided it was time to go home but the battery terminal had cracked and we couldn't get the truck started.There was a steep slope down to the shore of the lake and Daddy thought he might get the truck started by popping the clutch but it didn't work so we set up the tents again and waited til the 4th of July campers started coming in. A couple of cowboys pulled us up to the road and Daddy got the truck started. And we were facing bumper to bumper traffic coming in while we were going out. We wouldn't have wanted to have all that company up there anyway. So we were home for the 4th of July and you had been on your first camping trip when you were less than a month old. Now your children can know why you like the outdoors so much. Happy Birthday!!!

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Rachel said...

Grandma, you are the bomb! Going camping right after having a!