Sunday, January 22, 2012

Loa goings on.

This is kind of a take off on Jenny's Sunday Salon.

We got a skiff of snow yesterday with lots of wind. It's a little cooler but not bad.

I've read The Witch of Blackbird Pond again and am reading The Walking Drum by Louis L'amour. Not a western but it's pretty good. Lots of 10 to 12 hundreds history so I'm learning something. And I read A Picture For Harold's Room with Chancee. He read 12 pages all by himself.

I put together a kitty puzzle, did some crossword puzzles, helped Mike cut some more wood for my stove. (That's my exercise)

Debbie and I helped Miriam, Silas and Emma make presents for Jasper's birthday. A pillow case ;), piggy bank, and bean bag toss game. Thomas will make the cake and dinner.

I'm fixing dinner for the gang today. Ham and ugh rotten potatoes.

Tomorrow at 8:o5 I begin my new job as a paraprofessional working with struggling readers at the Elementary school. Should be fun.

So now you know what's happening here.

Oh, and I made a quilt.


Jenny said...

So when you re-read The Witch of Blackbird Pond for the eight millionth time did she hug Nat this time? (stupid book)

I wish I could eat some rotten potatoes. :(

Adams Family said...

I am so excited for the kids in Loa Elementary school. Yeah, and congratulations. Sounds like you have a nice mixture of fun and work going on. My life goes like this. Cook, clean, repeat. I saw that somewhere and I want to make a sign and put it in my kitchen.

Cowboy mom said...

Hope your first day goes well, I wish I could be here to find out in person how it went. Sorry.