Monday, January 30, 2012

School Daze

Today I was helping out in the Kindergarten. I was working with a little boy on rhyming. He was matching pictures and doing quite well once he figured out that it is the ending sounds that are alike to make a word rhyme. When he made two pictures rhyme I would make a little poem with the two words.

He ate his bread
In his bed.

Then I said "What do you think will happen if he does that?"

"Him'll get him's bed All Messy," he said.

Ahh, kids. They are so much fun.


Adams Family said...

Teaching English in Loa is twice the work. lingl

Jenny said...

Well, I already hear the story but it's still cute!

Adams Family said...

Jenny, were you done tryin to speak Loaese or was you just messin yours English up?

Cowboy mom said...

Um, Excuse me, I happen to have a kindergartner in Loa and His English is fine!! it's all them city folk who confuse us!

Boy Mom said...

Didn't you mean, Ahh, kids. THEM are so much fun?

Amy it's Loenglisha and you shouldn't poke fun, remember Mom always taught us that being able to write backwards and forwards was a better than just forwards?

It's not like she would have bothered to write about it if he'd said, "He'll get his bed all messy". Speaking Loenglisha is special.

Mom, I got you a birthday present, a giant Cadbury Bar with hazelnuts from the England store in SLC. You better hurry home before you decide to share it with me.