Sunday, July 24, 2011

odds and ends

OK so now we are getting female blossoms with squashes and cucumbers behind the blossoms. I knew that the male blossoms usually come first but it made a fun blog. I was surprised that a few people didn't know the difference between male and female blossoms. Did you know that if your bees aren't too active that you can insure the squash and cucumbers will develop by pollinating them yourself?

The last couple of days I've been going to Jason and Zak's championship games in baseball. Those boys are GOOD! In Jason's game he was on first and a runner was on third. So Jason acts like he is going to steal second several times, then gets himself "caught" between first and second and the other teams complete attention on him and the runner on third steals home. by the time the other team notices and reacts to the runner stealing home he's in and Jason advances to second. He has connived to get a runner in and had fun doing it.

He is also a great short stop. He dances around and keeps kids from stealing 3rd by trying to tag them out when they try to get back to second. The other team members are good but I'm having fun watching Jason.

Then Zak's game was just as entertaining. He caught a ball in right field with his mitt on the ground when the ball fell in it. And he can also hit that ball when he is batting. It is fun to see how much both boys know about playing baseball. I'm sure Grandpa is sitting on a cloud cheering them on.

So if you can't find me home call David or Erin's Cell phones and see if there is an old Grandma with a floppy hat and a bottle of ice water watching baseball games with them.

Sorry. no pictures. I get too excited to take any even if I do remember to take my cell phone.


Jenny said...

Does this mean unless I have kids and get them involved in something you like you won't spend time with me??? ;) Besides the heat and the fact that baseball bores sounds fun!

Benjamin said...
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