Monday, August 22, 2011

Grandkid antics in Loa

Interesting things are happening in Loa. I took the kids to the grocery store and Jasper comes running up to me and says "They're selling Free puppies. Can we have one?"

And it's been fair week and we've had Thank you lunches Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sloppy joes, hotdogs and bar B qued beef. We rode the train around the block at two of them.

The parade came right by Mikes house so we set up chairs in the shade and the kids all collected more candy than at Halloween. (See Amy's blog for pictures) Then we went to the activities at the Park and Silas got lost--fortunately the car was parked at my house so he just returned to it. Meanwhile Mike had me watch the other kids while he and Debbie went to find Silas so we waited in the rock climbing line and the kids with me went rock climbing. ( See Amy's blog).

We thought the kids were settling down this morning until Silas began selling his collection of vulture feathers that he has collected in the field to Mike's clients. The kid made 5 bucks in 5 minutes. Oh well, you kids used to sell rocks to the neighbors.

We are having fun and school starts Thursday. We've been reviewing a few things. Silas is picking up on his abc's and the sounds they make. He will be in Kindergarten.

P.S. This is Amy adding pictures for her.


Adams Family said...

It was fun down there. Thanks. Maybe I'll post some of the pictures to your blog for you.

Jenny said...

LOL! I love that Silas made five bucks selling feathers. Suckers! ;)