Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New family picture

Any body notice? We have a new family picture!!! It's only missing 3 people-Nathan who just left for Alaska on a mission and Jacob and Josh who had to work that day. We'll photo shop them in but anyone want to place bets on whether that will happen before the picture becomes obsolete in Dec. or Jan. when new babies arrive? I'm happy about the update anyway. Maybe we can add the new babies when they get here, too.

The one included in this post is the realistic one.


Techno Grandma said...

Thanks, Amy, for posting pictures for me. One day I'll learn.

Cowboy mom said...

Oh, this is definately the best of the bunch!!!!!I'm going to have this one blown up and framed. Can you imagine the conversation starter this one will be? And Gloria looks soooo cool!!!!I'm being serious it looks like she's coming right out of the picture.

Daniel said...

This is definitely the James family we know and love!