Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Steven

Yes, you were born on the 11th but it was only 20 minutes before midnight so I'm not really late with your blog. You were due closer to the 4th or the 6th-our wedding anniversary- but you held off until chicken canning day. All day long we were stuffing cut up chicken into Jars and processing them in the pressure canner. We were on the last canner full, Just got it picking up steam and my Mom and Dad left to go home because we had given up on your arrival. Stan came home with hamburgers and shakes for everyone for dinner although it was nine o'clock pm. Mom and Dad had forgotten something so they came back and since the pressure was holding steady on the canner I sat down to drink my milk shake and It was about half gone when I had a hard contraction and my water broke! When I said "my water broke" the girls ran downstairs because they thought the pressure canner had broken something. We grabbed some towells and went to the hospital about 9:30 and you were born at 20 to 12. Stan called home to make sure my mom knew when the chicken came off and announced that we had a nine pound chicken. They just asked if it was a hen or a rooster. When you actually came you weighed 9 lbs 14oz (I think) and until my Dad corrected me I thought you were born on the 12th.
So you had an eventful entry into this world. You were really excited to be here and just looked all around at everything--very alert. The doctor didn't think you were crying enough to get enough air so he spatted your bottom and I knew right then that you weren't taking any guff in this life--You wouldn't shut up and you were obviously mad!!! Anyway, we took you home and kept you. And now your children can know about when you were born. Love Ya'!!! Mom

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