Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oregon Trip

Hopefully you've seen Steven's e-mail with pictures from our trip to Oregon. We saw Aunt Naty for a couple hours. She's doing as well as can be expected. Still has no use of her left arm. Gene is also having health problems--an ankle was in a boot cast when we were there.

Our visit with Dave and Judy went well. Nathan and Jenny and their boys were fun. It would have been nice for them if Damon and Seth were there since they are the same ages but possibly not as nice for the restaurant. Dave and Judy have done a good job of raising their boys. Scott's schedule at work wouldn't allow him to come up from Springfield but he was sorry to miss it.

Aunt Virginia's birthday party was very nice. We went over early and helped put things together. Erika's skills came in handy. When Aunt Virginia came she was obviously overwhelmed. She had been out of the hospital only a few days where she was treated for high blood pressure. She seemed to be doing well for a 90 year old but was having trouble remembering who everyone was. Just too many people all at once. Anne e-mailed me after we got home and said that Aunt Virginia figured out for sure who we were on Sunday. The trip was well worth the time and effort to renew acquaintances and visit with everyone. I don't know that we will see Aunt Virginia again. If you forgot to send a birthday card try for an Easter card with a belated birthday.

It was also nice to see Jane and Mike again and Kate. Jane and I connected well-we should get better acquainted with them. She remembered their trip out here and so did Kate.

We really did have fun and accomplished what I hoped for. All but missing Aunt Lorena--I'll Have to get a phone number for her.


Boy Mom said...

Got the email loved the pictures. wish I could have fit in you suitcase.

Cowboy mom said...

Sounds like you accomplished most of what you set out to do. I'd love to have gone, too.