Monday, December 6, 2010

Family History--God lives

When I flew out to stay a few days with Carolyn and family, I was seated next to a lady who was also flying to Washington to visit her daughter. We had a lot in common. She was an avid Bible fan and knew the Bible well. She loved the stories and was involved in teaching the 5th graders in her church. She was a little surprised to find a Mormon who knew and loved the Bible probably as much as she did. I began to think that maybe some of my experiences as a child might help my children as they teach their children the scriptures.
I grew up in a very small branch of the church. We were so few in number that you might have called us a twig. My mom was usually the Sunday school and Primary teacher for all of the children. Do you remember that I have taught you the 4 steps of learning? Exposure, Verbalization, Common use and Creative use. and the 3 ways of learning? Visual-seeing, Auditory-hearing, and kinesthetic-doing. She used all of those ways. She exposed us to the stories, using pictures, animated expression and games and activities so we would remember them. She had us retell the stories by speaking, acting out and drawing pictures of the steps in the stories. Then we talked about what we should do or why Heavenly Father put that story in the scriptures so we would know how to act. Then we were encouraged to ask the Holy Ghost to help us recognize the situations where we could use what we had learned. Sometimes we memorized scriptures. Sometimes we gave a small part of the lesson or used some for" two and a half minute talks". We became very well acquainted with the stories and the characters in them. At home, it was before scheduled family home evenings, she let us use the picture kits she had and play Sunday school or Primary so we were telling the stories. (I particularly liked baby Moses in the bullrushes.)
When the lady on the plane said that she had some trouble with some of the children remembering the stories even until the next week, I suggested making something to take home so that she pulled in more ways of remembering and gave her some examples of things I've used. And when we were leaving the plane I told her I had really enjoyed talking with her and she gave me a big hug.


Adams Family said...

I love you. That story reminds me of when you came to Vegas with me and would talk to all kinds of people about the church. You must have been a great missionary.

Cowboy mom said...

You are and always have been a marvelous teacher!! I have been so grateful lately for all that you taught me. Not just intentional teaching, but in all the ways you lived what you taught. I Know that I have the best Mom in the whole world!! I Love you!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing that bit of your life with us!