Saturday, September 25, 2010

tutoring reading

Thursday night Isaac came over for help with a school assignment. His penmanship was so poor that it couldn't be read and the teacher had told him to copy it over. She had him tell her what it said and had written the words under his so we could tell what he'd said. I showed him the "face of a clock" penmanship and had him try each letter a couple times and the results were beautiful. So we rewrote the paper.

Next day:

Me: Did you show your teacher your paper? What did she say?

Isaac: She said, "WOW!"

Me: That's all? Just WOW! ? It was better than that!

Isaac: Well, yeah, but she was just a substitute.


Adams Family said...

That's cute. I hope it keeps his confidence up enough.

susan said...

He does so much better working with you instead of me. Thanks for your help.