Saturday, August 7, 2010

The New Lawnmower! (sorta not so new anymore)

We finally put the pics mom took of the new lawnmower on the computer.

Ahh, the good old days when we had the wonderful privilege of Steven living across the street. Jenny never had to sweat a single drop under the heat of the sun pushing a lawnmower. Sigh!

Then Steven moved and Susan would lovingly come and mow, putting Jenny to shame.

Finally Jenny got off her derriere and started earning her keep. (right) But alas, she had to borrow Susan's lawnmower and, unfortunately, that broke not long after.

There was a short stint with a lawnmower given to us from a sister at the MTC. A very short stint, we couldn't even get it started once.

When Amy inherited one from her in-laws and let us use it, we discovered he was a testy little fellow. He would shut off from time to time and absolutely refuse to turn on again without a five to ten minute break. That was fine by Jenny, if we're being honest, she needed the breaks too.

Finally came the big day! We bought a brand new one from Home Depot. After a shuffling of buying and getting it from Lehi to here, (thanks Steven) we got it home and set about learning how it worked.

We carefully read the manual, OK like two pages of it.

By page two Jenny had to lie down. This did not bode well for the weekly lawn mowing.

William tried to help.

Finally, we got to mowing our slightly murdered lawn. (love ya, Brother Haslem)

So there you have it, the boring story of our "new" lawnmower.

(Too bad a few weeks later the dang thing is already having issues. Luckily, Jenny knows just the right trick to getting it started)
(If you hadn't guessed, Jenny obviously blogged this for mom.)


Adams Family said...

Fascinating!!!! Thank You!!

Cowboy mom said...

What happened to the yard? Or I mean why are you thanking Brother Haslam?
By the way..... If I want to escape Guess what I do to get away, Yep that's right, I go mow a yard. I have four choices here in Loa.