Friday, January 15, 2010

See the pretty shells on my windshield when I went out to my car this morning? This is from the inside of my car. They were so pretty that I didn't want to scrape them off. So I was nearly late to my appointment at the MTC.
The next picture is from the outside but my photography skills are a little lacking, too. Anyway I did scrape them off and went to the MTC.

Reminds me of the pretty frost pictures that Jack Frost used to paint on the windows of our house when I was growing up. We got to draw pictures in the frost to entertain ourselves when we had Rheumatic Fever. I always thought the frost pictures were just like a fairy land.

And I have no idea why there were pretty frost shells rather than dull old gray frost on my windshield this morning.


Cowboy mom said...

I love it when the frost leaves pretty patterns. sigh.....I have a window here that always has the most interesting patterns.

Boy Mom said...

Way to stop and smell the frost.