Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well this has been an interesting 7 weeks. Seven weeks ago tomorrow-Thursday-Laura suffered an aneurysm and has been in the hospital ever since. On Sunday, Nov 1st I came here to help take care of her and her family. Last Friday we brought her home for the weekend and then back Monday Morning to get the bone flap replaced. She's been wearing a baseball helmut since the surgery on Nov lst. Today we brought her home and except for some out patient trips back to the Elks Rehabilitation center for work on regaining speech, reading and writing and more work on that right hand we have pretty well passed this trial and I will be leaving for home tomorrow.

Laura retains her sense of humor and her thinking abilities. She's loved our re-reading of the Great Brain books. And she still loves a good joke. (It's a little discouraging that the words she's thinking just don't come out of her mouth as she thought them.) She accidentally says words when not really trying--big ones,too, like definitely, hilarious, actually, and has several phrases that she can say at will. It's coming--will just take a little more time. But through it all her attitude has remained upbeat and enthusiastic. They loved her at the rehab center because she just wouldn't give up and was always willing to try again. If things don't work well she just laughs and tries again.

It will be good to get home and see if I can straighten out everything that has stacked up in the last weeks since I've been gone.


Adams Family said...

Glad you were able to be up there and I'm glad you're coming home. I'll let you know what problems I need you to fix when you get here. ;)

Cowboy mom said...

Ah, yes!! Very glad that you were able to go up and help out. WHAT A MOM!!!! and you're all mine!
It's so good to hear about Laura and her positive attitude. She's definately solidified her role as a hero in my life. See ya Saturday!

Boy Mom said...

I want to plan a trip up to see her in February or so, you game?

Boy Mom said...


Grant me the senility to forget the people
I never liked anyway,
The good fortune to run into the ones I do,
The eyesight to tell the difference.