Monday, March 2, 2009

St. George Trip

Well, Vicky and I successfully accomplished our St. George trip. We had a lot of fun and may have learned something from the Family History classes. On the way we stopped in Paragonah to see if we could find the log cabin where Mom and her sister stayed the summer of the chickens but we couldn't find it so we just took a picture of something similar, but it is in Paragonah.
At the expo we had fun. I slept through the most interesting class. It was geography and he had a turning world behind his Power point presentation and I think it hypnotized me. (Vicky said I didn't snore, anyway.)
We only got lost a couple of times, nothing that stopping and looking at the map couldn't correct. Finally, we ended up eating at a restaurant 3 blocks from our motel--it only took us about 20 miles to get there.
We tried for a session at the St. George Temple but it was closed for cleaning, so we watched a couple videos at the visitor's center and from there looked for a place to eat.
We did enjoy our time together and since we couldn't find the census records on the James line that I had found previously, I bought Vicky a T-shirt that said "I've lost my census." We did have fun and Mike managed the kids ok.


Adams Family said...

Sounds fun. I'm glad you and especially Vicky got a nice mini vacation from the kids.

Cowboy mom said...

Sounds like you had fun. We sure enjoyed getting to visit briefly. Come again soon.