Saturday, February 21, 2009

Picture of the bassinet sheets

When I took Stephanie to get the fabric for a baby quilt I discovered that she had only one sheet for the bassinet. So we decided to make some sheets and she took pictures of them. The white round thing at the bottom is the baby still in her tummy. She didn't want to be left out. Yes, we made a blue one, and two pink ones and two print ones. The quilt is in the background. Thank you, Stephanie, for the picture and sending it to me. (You didn't really think I figured out how to post a picture did you?)

I learned to make crib sheets when Susan, Laura, and Carolyn were little. We had two cribs but only one crib sheet per crib. And we had no money to buy any. Someone had given me a dress with a long skirt that was very full. I think I measured five yards. It wasn't in style and I was probably pregnant anyway so one day I decided to take the skirt off the dress and see if I could figure out crib sheets. I measured the length of the mattress and added 10 inches to go over the ends; then measured the width of the mattress and added 10 inches to cover the sides. Then I cut out 5 inch squares from each corner and sewed the sides together so it fit the top of the mattress and down the sides everywhere. I folded the squares into triangles and sewed them into the corners to go under the mattress so it would stay on the corners. Then I hemmed it all the way around the bottom. I got three fitted crib sheets out of the skirt as I recall so I had 2 sheets for each crib and one extra. Course they were all blue and I had all girls but I was quite proud of myself anyway.

And I remembered Anna Marie Jensen Barnhurst who had those cute little twin girls. Everyone was making new dresses for their girls for Decoration day or Fourth of July and she had no money for fabric. But her little girls weren't going to not have new dresses when everyone else's did. Besides she was a seamstress ( remember? The one who sewed for the Mormon family in Denmark and joined the church and came to Utah all by herself?) so she took the white fabric from her temple robes and made dresses for her girls.

We seem to be going into hard economic times so let's share all our creative ways of saving money. It really is kind of fun to find ways to make things nice without spending money.
(Susan can be creative with cooking and I'll do her sewing. Hee Hee) Remember the blue and gold sweats you got to make for your Christmas presents? And Tracey has been trying new recipes using food storage. Let's share at least our successes.

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Steph said...

Thanks again Grandma for making the bassinet sheets! We really appreciate it!