Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Birthday Time

Guess what! We have only 2 birthdays in February and they are both on the same day! First HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEN and thank you for the baby saber toothed tiger on my screen. Have a great day! (does the tiger have a name?)

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THOMAS. Did you get the birthday card? Let me tell the rest of you something about Thomas. One day when I was at his house his mum and I heard him playing up stairs. Whatever he was doing was frustrating him a little but if we ask him if he needed help he just said "NO". A little later he came downstairs holding the most amazing box he had made out of legos. It had a base, sides, a lid, and a place inside to put things and it all held together and didn't come apart when you picked it up. I couldn't have figured out how to do that! Thomas is a very, very smart little boy. He had an idea and stuck with it until he made it work. He could become a famous inventor like Thomas Edison.
You're one of my very favorite grandkids, Thomas, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday.


Adams Family said...

Thomas, that is what she used to say about David. Stories just like that and he has built a pretty nice house for himself.

Boy Mom said...

We love the name Thomas in our family. We also love the name Ben so no pouting Ben.

Love this post Grandma!