Monday, January 26, 2009

Let It Snow

We've had so much snow this year that some of you grandkids will remember it as a stand out year. You know--"Remember the year we had so much snow for Christmas and there were big piles of snow along the streets for so long?"

Ask Aunt Susan, Aunt Laura and Aunt Carolyn if they remember The snowy winter when we couldn't get up the last part of our driveway out in Oregon, even with Their Mom-me- riding on the back bumper of our VW bug to give the car more traction. So we all hopped out and everyone carried some of the groceries (Your Grandpa, Stan, put the ham inside his coat) and we hiked up the last little hill to our house in the woods.

Little Mike and Courtney may remember the snowy winter when they lived down the block from us. Snow piles were taller than they were.

My mom, your great grandma Ray, can remember the snow being so deep in Orderville that they could sled right over the fences and go for long sled rides.

What will you remember about this winter with lots of snow?


Cowboy mom said...

I'm gonna have to remember this as the Winter when the temperature roseto the 5o's in Loa. We've had warmer wether this month then we get in March. At any rate I've never seen this happen.

Boy Mom said...

I Love Snow!

Tracey said...

There is a lot about this winter that I am going to love to remember, and just a few things I'm going to be glad that I forget. The snow is in the glad memory side.