Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Several Things

Charlie's Ward in Pleasant Grove has been redoing their house. The inside is done, cleaned, painted, repaired, etc. and the outside will be worked on when the weather is cooperative. They nearly have his stuff replaced in the house and he can't find his collection of council patches that he's been working on in scouting for the last several years. Could any or all of you who live away from Utah see if you could pick up A Council Patch from your area Boy Scout Office and send it to me or him so he can try to replace that?

Saturday Carolyn called and was in Oregon and went to see Dave and Judy. They took her over to see Grandpa and he was excited about the Calendar you guys made for me for my birthday. We sent him one for his birthday on the 14th. He was happy to see them and they had a nice visit. Carolyn may need to verify or correct this but Grandpa told them a family history story.

Mary Ann said that Carolyn said that Grandpa said he could remember as a little boy, sitting between his dad and his Grandpa and they were singing a song in a different language. He asked them what language it was and they said Welsh. He said they both had excellent voices and he wished he had a recording of them singing it. That would have been George Stanley James (his Dad) and John Jenkins James (Grandpa). I have pictures of both here in Loa.

Did you know that we have some Poems that J J James wrote? You kids come by your good singing voices and ability to write Poetry from both sides of the family. Daddy showed me one of J J James' poems but it was in Welsh and I don't remember if their was a translation. Remind me to look them up for your Christmas family history gifts. We might make copies.


Cowboy mom said...

SEE, I wanted you to bring all your family history stuff down so that we could work on putting together some written histories of each person. I'm so glad Carolyn went to see them. I'll help you with the poems etc. for Christmas. If you'll get all the stuff we need to get going on it I'll show you what I'd like to do.

Jenny said...

I'm telling you we ought to go to Ireland and Wales etc. For "genealogy". ;)

Techno Grandma said...

All Right! Let's go! Who pays? ;(