Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Emma lost her teddy bear blankie--horrors! We have no idea where it went. So today she was over here and I have some teddy bear flannel so I whipped her up a "new teddy cush." She loves it--kept saying "thank you" the whole time I was making it. Then she said "It has a moose on it too." Well I said "Where?" cause I sure didn't see any. She pointed to the rocking horses and said "Moose."-- I said "My rocking moose up north?" "Yup", she says.

Then I said, "Do you like your new blanket? Aren't Grandma's silly? We don't go to the store and buy things--we make them!" "It's awesome!" she said, "My Daddy will like it."

So now she has a new blanket to go with her new house, her new bed (They got new bunkbeds for Emma and Silas), and her new Debbie. Her new security blanket is now associated with her new life.

I got pictures on my cell phone, but, siigh.


Jenny said...

Cute! I bet she was grateful. If you'd come up and see me I'd show you how to send those pics to your email. ;)

Adams Family said...

Grandma's rock!!