Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grandma at Loa

I'm surviving, I think. We are making some progress, I think. The kids don't say "I don't like" as much--Jasper says, "I haven't 'required' a taste for whatever yet." I guess it might require you to acquire a taste for something. They are recognizing that they now do like some things that they formerly didn't like.

I now have three phone numbers that are driving me crazy. I probably cannot be reached at any of them. There's my cell phone #633 5298 which I don't answer in the car especially in construction zones; my Loa house phone 435 836 2003 that I don't answer when I'm not there and Mike's home phone--same as his which I get if one of the kids doesn't get it first when I'm there. I'm getting computer and email when someone comes down to set it up--hopefully exactly as it is in Orem or I won't remember how to use either one. With all these phones I can't remember how to use the one in Orem soooo. good luck with contacting me. You may still have to call Cathy.

Jenny says I'm becoming nerdified or was it geekified and is there a subtle difference I'm missing?

Like I said, I'm surviving, I think.


Adams Family said...

Now I get to try 3 different numbers before calling Cathy and talking for an hour. You are actually doing pretty well, technologically speaking, for a grandma of over 50 grand kids. And don't worry a lot of teenagers have no idea how to use a land line either.

Suey said...

Either one, they're both good!