Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last night I had a disturbing dream. I'm sure my blood sugar was low because I was dreaming about food. I wanted to make a large pot of Chile or some split pea and ham soup or Lima bean and ham soup. Unfortunately no one wanted to share with me. Finally Carolyn agreed to help me eat some of it if I made it but she was too far away.

I remembered when Mom would make a pot of beans for Sunday Dinner because she didn't have time for anything else--And I hated it. Oh, well, maybe I could make a small pot of split pea or Lima been soup or some chili. Any takers?


Cowboy mom said...

I remember standing beside you in the kitchen in Provo, we were sorting the dirt clods out of the beans so we could make some chilli. I have a lot of memories like that....cracking walnuts, Tapioca pudding, etc... I love those tiny memories. I feel so much more patience with my kids when I realize that it's those tiny things that make good memories. Thanks! I would love some homemade split peas and ham.

Stephanie said...

I love your ham and bean soup too!

Adams Family said...

I want some. Is it done? I'll bring rolls or a salad.