Sunday, October 4, 2009

one wild week.

A week ago Thursday when we evaluated kids at the MTC I figured I would have a week off. I would pretty much finish everyone up and other than Thursday for more evaluations I'd take some leisurely time off.

On Tuesday I went over to school to straighten out a "situation" for Isaac. That worked out OK. The schools still remember me from when My kids were there. Now it's the grandkids.

Wednesday Isaac wanted me to come back for the book fair because Susan had to work and unless the kids had an adult with them they didn't get "around the world" treats. So I went but it turns out I have 7 grandkids in that school so of course they all went in to get treats.

Wednesday afternoon I went to grandparents day at Kaitlyn's school. Cute program and I like the way they have made arrangements to accommodate the fact that she's already reading on a 3rd or 4th grade level. And I'm not easily impressed.

Then the MTC called and had a missionary that needed my skills, they said, so I went in Thursday early to meet with him. When I got home we discovered that Miah had broken his leg seriously at his football game. He was in the hospital and Tracey fed Susan's kids Thursday and I've been pinch hitting Friday and Today with enough left overs for lunches and snacks warmed up in the microwave. Susan and Rick have been at the hospital non stop. He's doing better now--in therapy--and hopefully can come home this week.

At our Thursday evaluations I will need to do 5 kids this week because the other phonics people are gone. But it may seem easy after my leisure week.

So if I don't post for awhile you'll know what happened.


Cowboy mom said...

Um..... I thought all a Grandma had to do, was sit around playing Solitaire with Rook cards when they weren't tying baby quilts for every baby in the ward, family, world. Sigh.... I guess I'll start to gear up for grandmahood instead of gear down.

I think you happen to be the bestest quilt makin', solitair playin', MTC teachin' Grandma there is. Good luck with all the leisure time.

Love ya!

Adams Family said...

Kait loved having you there. Thanks!