Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Amy!!

Well, you've had a busy day and I'll bet you don't even see this tonight. Hope your day was happy. We all had a good time at your house with the goodies and party.

I'm tired enough that I can't even think of any fun stories to write for you. You're doing a good job decorating your new house--I like it at least and I'm excited to get your family picture with the additions. Maybe I'll think of something to blog before the next birthdays. Happy day!! Love ya'!! Mom


Cowboy mom said...

Thank's for being understanding Amy, I reaalllly wanted to come. I miss my family. Things just weren't working out where we could come. It sounds like things went well. Hope your Birthday was Grrreat!!

Adams Family said...

Thanks Mom. It was a really nice day for me. I didn't even see your post until today, Monday.