Saturday, November 10, 2012


Couldn't sleep well last night--had hay fever.  So I got up at 6:30, Cleaned ashes out of the stove, Took all of the curtains down and put them in the washer, and vacuumed really good.  I still have to dust with a wet rag every where but the hay fever is better all ready.

We got an inch of snow last night so everything is white.  I guess winter is here.  Susan face booked that she had been chopping wood so I commented that I split a log round.  So yesterday Mike showed up and brought me a load of firewood.  That was nice because I was about out of cut and split wood.  Then less than a half hour later Cathy and Caib showed up with another load.  Cathy had read the post and comments and thought, " we can't have Mom splitting wood!" so they got me some, too.  We all laughed and Cathy said, " Well, it's Mike's turn next time because I brought it last."  (Too bad I can't do pictures--There's a double row nearly to the porch light.)

My fourth graders have been told that they only need to spell ten words off the spelling list because they can't really do all thirty words.  Yesterday I told them that if they got all 30 words right I'd buy them a big candy bar.  Two of them did it.  Now they've shown me that they really can spell on grade level when they spell from the sounds so they aren't going to get away with "Oh poor me" any more.
The other two came close.

We are still having fun diagramming sentences.  Cathy came to learn how the other day when I was teaching the 5th grade.

I picked up two more student to work with on spelling--a second grader and a fifth grader--If they can spell from the sounds their reading really improves.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving.  Are Amber and Sara and Mike Millward wanting to come?  I'm thinking Mike and Amber might go to Boise if their folks aren't coming.  Keep us down here posted.

Well off to wash down dust and rehang curtains.  :)